2012/10/20 - NoRedIndian

neuschlaufen provide a low/outside verb reverberation atmosphere. The stems maintain slow motion mindbleach with industrial strength candling of the ears to depict a crime scene. Embryos, ova, place themselves for growth and development over time. The method case uses the source-housing to display information, while technique utilizes industry-ray examination for edible quality assessment. In these audio ceramic applications, neuschlaufen are slowly warming the interior of the kiln to dry before firing the article.

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2013/01/28 - One & Other

Next up, Neuschlaufen. A bit of a One&Other favourite these guys, and for good reason. This show saw them performing as a two piece, guitar and bass, channeling their hypnotic powers into notably groove-led compositions that brimmed with the squall of ebow-tortured guitars and relentless, deep bass riffs. The best moments of this performance – and all Neuschlaufen performances differ greatly – were those of complete, murky abandon, where not so much a wall but a sea of sound washed around the venue in absorbing fashion. This was, as ever, a treat.

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