2011- : neuschlaufen / nschlfn

neuschlaufen is the name of a krautrock-inspired music project started by John Tuffen (guitar/vocals/loops) and Steve Carter (drums/percussion/loops), but since October 2012 consisting of Ash Sagar (Bass/Electronics), Laurence Huntington (drums/machines) and John Tuffen (Guitar/vocals/loops)

Based in York (UK) and gigging since February 2011, we are now taking a more improvisation-based approach to our live performances - which keeps things interesting... Recordings of past gigs can be found on the left

Our bandcamp page is here where you can download albums in whatever form you like (and pay whatever you like - even nothing!).

Whisperin' and Hollerin' had this to say about our d├ębut performance:

"neuschlaufen (yes, all lower case) may only be two in number, with some of the savviest and most innovative use of a loop pedal, they manage to produce a dense wall of sound by means of a live drum kit and multiple instruments played through a rack of effects. The songs - largely instrumental pieces - build and build around simple motifs repeated ad infinitum in an approximation of Suicide's early recordings. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Can and Neu, there's a quirkiness as well as a relentlessness about the music that's deeply hypnotic. It was pleasing to see a fair few had turned out early enough to witness the set."


If you'd like to book us, we can be contacted via email - ns[a]namke.com

Head to bbc.co.uk/introducing, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

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