2012/03/06 - The Yorker

Openers Neuschlafen should, therefore, be well placed to capture a few of the headliner’s fans but their set is so abysmal that it is hard to believe anyone will go away with a particularly favourable image of them. Their songs are repetitive with random guitar noodling on top (and by random guitar noodling, I mean stabs at an ill-deserving Fender Mustang with the worst sounding effects pedals money can buy). Things get even worse when the guitarist attempts to sing, rambling aimlessly about ankles and socks over his band’s disappointing attempts at the avant-garde. Neuschlafen need to realise that making experimental music actually requires doing something vaguely interesting.

Full review: http://www.theyorker.co.uk/arts/music/gigs/10841

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