Live 2012/11/25 [Bar Lane Basement, York]

A last minute support slot courtesy of Bad Paintings and The Duchess - about 5 hours notice - resulted in a fun gig and our best review yet:

First up, experimental, noise-manipulating ambient outfit Neuschlaufen. Now complete with the thoroughly excellent Laurence Huntington on drums, these guys are starting to feel like an increasingly heavyweight concern. Whilst the charm of old remains, there’s a new confidence flowing throughout the band’s set, which seemlessly shifts from repetitive grooves into fierce meltdowns with effects pedals by the floor-load twisting and magnifying every single sound. Clever, sparing use of low, low lows and syncopated percussion hits made Neuschlaufen’s very good set great. The best act of the night.

If you're intrigued about what we sounded like, the whole set is available for download from bandcamp.

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