1998: 3phase [mp3.com CD]

'Self Released' through mp3.com, this was before CDRs became so widespread... This release covers three phases of musical evolution (hence the name, of course).

  • Phase 1: M.O.R. / For Love / ARP2
  • Phase 2: Post / Lin-O
  • Phase 3: Theme From... / Chugg / claustroPhobia / Becalmed
  • Bonus: DERV

'Chugg' featured on the cover CD of Future Music issue #75. It also features future neuschlaufen collaborator Steve Carter on guitar.

'Becalmed' was written in response to a record review in The Wire magazine. I never heard the record being reviewed...

'DERV' also featured (under the previous pseudonym continuousEvolution) on the CD 'York Future Music Initiative: Exposure Volume 1'.